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ADOPT: Looking for a forever home for these Calico sisters!

Lindsay: "We have been fostering 2 beautiful and healthy female Calico kittens born in late May 2021, and looking for a forever home for them together. They are a totally bonded pair, and we are hopeful we might be able to find someone who:

Loves calicos and is looking to adopt both of them!

The ’Spice Girls’, who we have temporarily been calling "Callie" and "China", were born to a tame, sweet young mama who appeared on their farm and hung around and they started feeding her. A couple of weeks later she had a litter of 5 (2 calicos, 1 tabby female, 1 black male, 1 black and white male). They lived in the barn and outdoors with their mother and 3 siblings all summer, and were fed every day. The mother weaned them last fall. My family caught all of them in the fall and had them sprayed and neutered, including the mama of course.

These girls have been living exclusively inside since mid-December. They are a bit skittish around new people and naturally wary, but they are very affectionate with my family since they know us well. The black male cat was a little less skittish than their sisters, and it only took them a little while to be comfortable with their new family.

I believe it would take the girls a little more time to get used to a new home and they would have to stay in one room of the house to adjust and get to know their new family for at least 2 weeks. They would do fine as exclusively indoor kitties because they have only been inside here for over 4 months now and have been doing great, or they could eventually be indoor-outdoor if they were slowly introduced to outside after spending at least a month inside to imprint fully on their new home and bond with their family.

Also, they have been around dogs who know cats well since they were born and are familiar and comfortable with them.


- They are sprayed, FeVL/FIV negative, fully vaccinated (Rabies, FVRCP, FVLP) and wormed, and we have all their vet paperwork.

- We have paid for all their vet visits up to date to this point. If someone wants to adopt them we would ask for a reasonable adoption fee to help cover some of our costs to care for them in their first year."

Please contact Lindsay if you or anyone you know is interested, or needs more information. She would happily send you videos of them playing! :)

Thank you so much!

Lindsay in Ossining

c. (914) 602-6011

China (left) and Callie (right)


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