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Favorite Reads

Why do we buy mayonnaise when its so easy to make? If you are looking for that answer as well as a connection back to the basics of cooking this is a great book written by Molly Chester and Sandy Schrecengost. Molly owns a bio-dynamic farm in California and many of her ideas and recipes are wonderful ways for us to reconnect to how cooking was once done.

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Take the mystery out of eating well

Michael Pollan's book is something my Grandmother could have wrote, and should have. But thank goodness someone had the brillance to write down the common sense guide to eating.

My personal favorite is: eat what's on one leg first (veggies), two legs second (chicken, etc), and four legs last (for me - not at all)

If you haven't read this - pick it up today. It's an easy read and worth keeping for the children and the grandchildren - least we all forget what it's like to enjoy what nature really meant us to eat.


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