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A Poe Story with a Happy Ending

Left in Woodlawn cemetery on a cold winter night this one week old goat's luck didn't look very good. But the good souls working the night shift found him and brought him back to maintenance where they fed him and kept him warm. The little baby goat just waited - not sure what was to be.

Luckily, we received a call from my friend who works at the cemetery. We quickly went to get him and decided that Poe after Edgar Allan would be just perfect. And unlike the author's many stories, we were determined Poe's would have a happy ending.

Yet, we knew that goats need other goats as they are playful and social. So we searched for someone who had baby goats (not easy to find in January). We found a place north of us that had three boy goats scheduled to be sold for meat. The woman told me, "Pick which ever one you want." Driving up to get Poe a friend - I felt a heavy heart come over me knowing which ever two I left behind would be sent to slaughter.

So I guess you know what happened - Poe got three friends--James Joyce, Yates, and Dickens. Now we call them the Literary Goats!


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