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Beautiful Butterflies

Nothing is so beautiful, so fragile as a butterfly fluttering in the air. When I was a child, we could count the dozens of different species in my grandmother's garden. Today, these magical insects are facing the same challenges as bees and other animals. Declining space, pesticides, climate change are all a problem for these creatures.

We can help by creating spots in our garden specifically for butterflies. Milkweed is essential for the Monarch as it is the only plant their young will eat. Each species has plants they prefer.

Looking to plant milkweed? Send us an email for a package of free milkweed seeds -

Here is a wonderful site for planning your garden and picking some of the perfect plants to ensure your yard will be butterfly friendly.

And don't miss the opportunity to become a Butterfly Way Station

Give these beautiful butterflies the helping hand they deserve!


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