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Harvest Moon Goats

Big Dogs. That's what I would say if someone asked me what I thought of my goats. They are kind, curious, playful and loving. The other question I get asked is how did you wind up with goats - the truth is I really don't know.

I saw an ad to sponsor a goat that was giving birth and by doing so you could be there when the event happened. I thought that was neat, so I signed up. Our first meeting with Gwen on "sponsor's introduction day" comprised of me and my husband and a band of families with small children. It took fifteen minutes of pleading to get my husband out of the car.

So we waited and during the time we visited Gwen, I started to fall in love with goats.Somehow I talked my husband into getting two girls. As the time approached, I was prepared to miss just about anything to be present for the birth, but wouldn't you know it Gwen went into labor on my husband's 50th suprise birthday party.

The next day I received a call from Lauren, the goat master and woman who knows more about animals than I'll ever know, saying, "You got your girls, Gwen had triplets, two girls and one boy." I asked, "What's going to happen to the boy?" Lauren said, "If he's not adopted, he'll be sold for meat." I said to my husband, "We're getting three goats!" and we did...

Jack seems to know and appreciate the fine line he crossed when being born and shows it every day by being the most affectionate. At one time I thought I would make goat cheese, but after I realized the responsibility of babies outweighed the desire to make cheese. So I've come to the conclusion that goats are just great pets and perhaps man's 2nd best friend.


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