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And after another harsh winter came the spring and with the renewed sense of hope came something new to our sanctuary - ducks. After having chickens for years I thought I would slide right into ducks rather easily. I was wrong. After having owned two Newfoundlands I thought nothing could be messier. I was again wrong. And after night of worrying if I was taking on more than I should getting ducks....I have found I absolutely love them. While I am still teaching them I'm a friend, they had no problem making friends with the paint roller tray of water and then on to the kiddy pool. We are still learning about each other. Their house is coming, new fences are on their way to keep them safe from the raccoons that also, despite our objections, continue to board rent free here.

Each animal brings a new understanding of the life that binds us all. And while we may not be big, may not be able to save all the animals on our planet, we can do a little to make sure we make a difference in the lives we touch.


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