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So which did come first- the chicken or the egg?

Everyone said chickens are the easiest of the farm animals to raise and I guess, yes, they are easier than a horse or cow but there is still a lot to know.

i always appreciate when a site tells me all the "bad" things before the good things so I really can understand whether I want to undertake a new venture.

So - the bad of chickens - They need care each day

The coop needs cleaning on a regular basis (not at all fun)

They need fresh water each day (even in the freezing winter so you need an electrical source to keep their water from freezing)

Every one loves chicken (to eat) so they need to be protected from almost everything, which means a solid hen house and enclosure for them to roam during the day

When it rains a lot the ground (which they peck clean in a day) can smell funky

BUT having said all that, I do really love having chickens. We keep them purely for eggs and my now three year old feathered friends are part of our home just the same as our dogs.

So here is a few excellent links on keeping chickens:


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