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Subshine on my shoulder...

Meet our newest edition to our lovebird family, born April 15th. We acquired the parents about a year ago, at that time did not know they were a boy and girl. A couple of months ago, I bought them a big tent for their cage, as they love to snuggle at night. Well, a month ago we saw eggs and then soon after we spotted a naked baby, the size of a golf ball. The parents have been working non-stop since she hatched (actually we are not sure it's a girl but I call her she) and the other day she made her grand appearance.

Thinking of getting a bird ? There are many birds that need your help - Always adopt first

Here are some links to bird rescue facilities:

Owning birds are a commitment. They need daily care. Please read about the bird you are thinking of getting before you do to make sure you have the time and resources for them.


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