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The Goats Are Coming!

Some things just happen. It started with me signing up to sponsor a goat at Rainbeau Ridge Farms, which meant being there when the goat gave birth. I waited and waited and sure enough the moment I was walking out the door for my husband's 50th surprise party, I received the call Gwen was in labor. So I missed that but when I went to see the babies (all three!) the next day, I fell in love. So in came the goat house, up went the fence, and here came the goats.

Goat are friendly, smart animals. They should be in herds (2 or more), in fact, most livestock should be kept with others. Years ago farmers would often get a goat to keep their horses company. Sometimes when they were racing the next day, the competition would sneak in and steal the goat. This would cause the horse to become very agitated as they do not like to be alone. The horse would often not do well in the race and thus came the term, "get his goat."

I'm looking forward to having these three join our family and I expect they will teach me more than I will them


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